The Technology


  1. Front end
  2. Back end
  3. Vendors

Front end

The front end is built with VueJs. If you are new to VueJS, there is video tutorial series
Put together by Jeffery Way at Laracasts.

Back end

I’m a PHP developer so I built the backend in PHP. I like the Laravel PHP framework, so I used that.
If you’re new to Laravel, guess what? There is ANOTHER video tutorial series to help you get started with Laravel. Also for FREE DOLLARS by Jeffery Way. Whatta guy! If you’re looking for a book on Laravel, well lucky you. Matt Stauffer recently published his book Laravel Up & Running. I bought it. It’s good. I’m using MySQL for my database.

As mentioned in the story, the data is being downloaded from a json feed provided by There is a job scheduled that will download collisions from the past 150 days, check for changes, then update existing collisions and create new ones. I’d like to write a blog post sometime that talks more about the import process, how I transformed the data, and challenges I ran into. This is on my to do list.