To Do

After I find I job, I plan to continue working on this project. Below is a list of things I’d like to do. In no particular order. If you find something interesting, have questions, or suggestions, I can be reached at [email protected].

  • Investigate features that can take advantage of geolocation on devices. For example, “collisions near me”.
  • Investigate other ways of measuring / ranking. Per captia? Per square mile? Percentage of collisions? Etc.
  • Toggle between economic and comprehensive costs.
  • Ability to draw a custom boundary
  • Investigate open sourcing the project
  • Think about other data sets that I could combine this with
  • Investigate predictive analysis. Can I use the data to predict conditions of a car crash? Severity of a car crash? TensorFlow!?!
  • Add location pins to map on neighborhood view. Click on pin and see all collisions for that location.
  • Make collisions by location. Enter locations and then view collisions for those locations.
  • Investigate ways to analyze locations. Ex. location with most pedestrians hit, most injuries, etc.
  • Make additional views that could reveal interesting trends. For example…Day of the week with most collisions.
    Month with the most collisions, etc.
  • Look into server-side rendering.
  • Look into service workers & Progressive Web Apps.
  • Light refactoring for front end code.
  • Light refactoring for back end code.
  • Look at areas to improve performance. Especially with map rendering lots of data.